Catch up on the latest news and updates from the ANMF. Here you will find information relating to the private sector in the south of Tasmania.

Hobart Clinic

The ANMF attended an enterprise agreement meeting at Hobart Clinic on 26 July 2019. Here, Hobart Clinic made a wage offer of 5% in addition to an earlier commitment to 2% from 1 July 2019. Whilst this offer appears generous, the offer is from the date of approval, which ANMF estimate this may be early next year. There is much for members to consider in this offer, and ANMF visited members at their workplace on Tuesday 3 September for a discussion. During this meeting, the ANMF presented modelling data to members. This data provides an accurate representation on the real value of the offer. If you would like to request a copy of this data, please contact the ANMF Member Support Team via email membersupport@anmftas.org.au.

Hobart Private

The ANMF met with Nurse Unit Managers (NUMs) at the Bed Meeting on 28 August 2019. The ANMF have requested follow up meetings with members on the maternity and surgical wards, to discuss workload and staffing issues. We encourage all members to get in touch with the ANMF Member Support Team membersupport@anmftas.org.au (or (03) 6223 6777) in the meantime if they have any concerns.

Calvary Updates

General News

The ANMF attended the Nurse Unit Managers (NUMs) Bed Meeting on 28 August 2019 at the Lenah Valley Calvary campus. Following this, ANMF officials also enjoyed spending time speaking with members during walk arounds. The ANMF continue to seek feedback from members regarding workload, staffing, and other issues of concern in the lead up to the next round of bargaining for the enterprise agreement.

Calvary 2A

The ANMF spoke with members on Calvary 2A during walk arounds on 20 August 2019. Key topics of conversation were in regard to the recent split of the ward. The ANMF are keen to hear members questions and concerns around this move. If you would like to get in touch, please contact membersupport@anmftas.org.au.

Updates are correct as of 4 September 2019.