Easy way to make a huge difference

For the last couple of months staff at ANMF office have been politely putting bottle caps into a container marked ‘for collection’ but what is this all about and how does it affect you? 

Easy way to make a huge difference

For the last couple of months staff at the ANMF office in Hobart have been politely putting bottle lids into a container marked ‘for collection’. It is amazing what people will do without any real explanation, but this week one staff member piped up to ask what it was all about. Having assumed it was for a school project, these plastic lids were actually part of something much more impressive.

Did you know that bottle caps and milk lids are recyclable, but often aren’t? Even when they make it to the recycling point they regularly fall through the sorting machine and end up in landfill. Envision Health have come up with an alternative that ticks all the boxes – it is easy to undertake, socially conscious and environmentally friendly. They are on a mission to use these wasted plastics to create bespoke children’s prosthetic aids using recycled products and 3D printing. These aids are then donated to children in need from across the world.

As if that wasn’t enough, the team have set their sights on achieving even more. With the help of organisations, schools, businesses and community groups they are working toward the collection of 2 million caps to go towards the construction of mobility aids, disability aids, STEM training tools, and aged care gadgets.

Getting involved is as easy as setting a box or container up in your team room, attach a sign or poster from the website and start collecting. Why not start some healthy competition amongst your workplace to see which ward, unit or facility can raise the most caps by 1 December 2019? In fact, if you beat the ANMF office record of 200 caps, we will visit your workplace with treats and shower you in social media praise.

Simply send a photo of your collection box and the number of caps included to marketing@anmftas.org.au by 1 December (or at any time, we would love to see who is getting involved). Once you have got a collection going, you can deliver them to the ANMF Hobart office where we will pack them up and send them off to Envision for you. Alternatively, you can see the Tasmanian drop off locations here.

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