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Catch up on the latest news and updates from the ANMF. Here you will find information relating to the Aged Care sector from across the state.

Statewide ANMF visits

The ANMF’s Communication and Member Engagement Officer, Mandy Clark has once again been out and about visiting with members across the state. Since last fortnight, Mandy has met with members at Huon Regional Care to discuss their ongoing Enterprise Agreement and the ballot process. With the employer failing to address all of members concerns, the ballot process started without the ANMF’s  in principle support. Ultimately this has seen the latest agreement end with an impasse. Mandy and members of the ANMF Team have been visiting sites to speak with members about the implications of this and steps moving forward.

If you would like to arrange a visit from Mandy before Christmas, please contact the ANMF Member Support Team for more information.

Toosey Aged Care

The ANMF have being corresponding with Toosey Aged Care management as to the status of the 2018 Enterprise Agreement and Fair Work Commission (FWC)lodgement process. The Agreement, which was balloted on 18 July 2019, should have been lodged with the FWC within 14 days. If the Agreement has not been lodged, the ANMF will meet with members to discuss an appropriate response and ongoing actions. Once a response is received from Toosey, we will be in touch via email to arrange a members meeting.


The ANMF met with management at Respect on Thursday 14 November 2019. The meeting which was scheduled by the employer to discuss the option of providing a wage increase only offer for a new Respect Enterprise Agreement 2019, was attended by ANMF officials. Respect proposed a three-year term for the agreement with no changes to conditions contained within the current Respect 2017 Agreement. The ANMF are currently awaiting a wage offer from Respect to take to members. Following this, we will be holding members meetings to discuss actions moving forward. Click here to read the full EA update recently sent to members.

Medea Park

On Monday 18 November 2019, the ANMF received correspondence from Medea Park detailing a response to the ANMF counteroffer presented on behalf of members. Medea Park have not agreed to five days paid union leave. However, they have agreed to a foul and nauseous linen allowance but this can only be accessed when an employee is working during, and in the area where there is, a notifiable illness. The employer has not agreed to five days evidence free personal leave per annum. In addition, they have agreed to a new casual conversion and part time hours clause. Given the proposed wage freeze in the first year of the agreement, the ANMF have written back to Medea Park  and requested they rethink their counter offer. A further update will be provided once a response back has been received.

Eskleigh Nurses Agreement

The ANMF have received correspondence from Eskleigh regarding the proposed 2019 Nursing Agreement. Eskleigh are now proposing late changes to the draft agreement despite both parties having reached in principle agreement back in April 2019. The ANMF are disappointed by this development and are writing back to Eskleigh management asking that they remove their changes.

The proposed 2 changes are:

  • Removal of wording regarding late payment e.g. employees ‘waiting for more than a quarter of an hour for wage”. This would mean the employer could pay staff late and receive no penalty for doing so, or there is now no incentive for them to pay you on time
  • Changes to the wording of the consultation clause “consultation is proposed to occur when Eskleigh has made an ‘in-principle’ decision to introduce change; Expression of interest for voluntary redundancies is proposed for ‘all employees in the affected work area or classifications’, rather than ‘all employees.”

ANMF will provide a further update to members once a response is received from Eskleigh management.

May Shaw

The ANMF have provided a response back to management at May Shaw in regard to both of the draft Nursing Enterprise Agreements for Scottsdale and Swansea. ANMF are awaiting a response to this correspondence including an outline of the proposed ballot process. Once this information has been received, an email will be sent to members with an update.

Mt St Vincent’s

The ANMF were recently made aware of redundancy and roster issues concerning members at Mt St Vincent’s. These issues relate to the proposed restructure following the Respect Aged Care takeover. ANMF met with members on Friday November 8, 2019 to discuss these matters.

Following this, a meeting between ANMF officials and Respect management was arranged. Here we were able to outline and seek clarification on several member concerns that were then taken back to the workplace on 21 November 2019. Member meetings at Mt St Vincent will continue as we advocate for members at this site and issues continue to be progressed. We encourage all members working at Mt St Vincent’s who may have questions or concerns to please get in contact us via our Member Support Team. You can read the full newsflash sent to members here.

Updates correct as at 27 November 2019
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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