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Catch up on the latest news and updates from the ANMF. Here you will find information relating to the public sector in southern Tasmania.

Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) Updates

Department of Psychiatry (DoP)
The ANMF conducted a member meeting on 16 January 2020. Here issues were raised in relation to staffing levels and workloads. Following this meeting a letter was sent to Chris Fox, Mental Health Services South. A response to this letter, received 30 January 2020, has indicated that from 3 February 2020 agency nurses will be utilised to fill vacancies while advertising and recruitment to permanent and fixed term positions continues.

The additional 3.5 FTE that the service has agreed to provide while work on Safe Staffing – Nursing Hours per Patient Day (NHpPD) is completed, will include 2 FTE on a morning shift, 1 FTE on a crossover shift (1000hrs to 1830hrs) and 0.5 FTE utilised by the NUM/CNC. Management have agreed for agency nurses to fill these vacancies also.

In addition, management have agreed that agency nurses will complete a full shift when filling baseline roster gaps but the 7 hour casual shift will apply when filling the additional 3.5 FTE.

During the meeting, members raised concerns around the 7 hour shift length for casual nurses. This was raised in the ANMF’s letter to management, however, the response was that the service is bound by the 16 July 2019 memorandum from the Executive Director of Operations, South. This means that the unit can only offer 7 hour shifts to casuals. The ANMF are concerned that this is putting patients at risk, while nurses risk their registration working under this model. We encourage members affected by this to submit incident reports when they believe they have been asked to practice in an unsafe environment. If you would like to discuss the issue further or submit a copy of your incident report, we encourage you to do so via your ANMF Workplace Representative or contacting the ANMF Member Support Team.

Psychiatric Emergency Nurses (PEN)/(DEM) Short Stay Mental Health Unit Proposal
On 31 January 2020, a change proposal was provided to the ANMF. This follows a considerable amount of feedback already received from members. We encourage you to continue to provide as much feedback as possible to enable us to respond fully to management. We understand there are difficulties in finding a time that PEN’s can meet due to rostering patterns. A meeting will be held in the Department of Emergency Medicine shortly and we encourage all those that can attend to do so. If you would like to send feedback in writing to the ANMF or request a meeting with your ANMF Organiser, please contact our Member Support Team.

The Change Proposal for Mental Health South Services relates to the instigation of a 6 bed Mental Health Short Stay Unit.  ANMF representatives will be present at the staff briefing sessions between 1530 – 1630hrs on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 February 2020 in the RHH 3J Tribunal Room. There will also be Member Meetings in both DOP and DEM in the following weeks. Members are invited to attend any and all of these sessions.

3D Maternity
The ANMF conducted a member meeting on 29 January 2020. During this meeting discussion around a change proposal for Birthing Pools was had. The meeting was positive, and all questions raised in the meeting were answered at the time of the meeting by management and representatives. A copy of the letter (which included questions raised at the meeting) has been provided to your ANMF Work Representative.   The ANMF welcome any additional feedback via our Member Support Team.

Operating Theatres
The ANMF have received a Change Proposal for RHH Operating Theatres concerning a transition to Rostering On-Call. The ANMF understand that this Proposal has been distributed to staff. Member Meetings were conducted in the Theatre Staff Room at 0730hrs on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 February 2020. If you weren’t able to make those meetings, feedback can still be submitted to our Member Support Team.

Surgical and Perioperative Services – Recovery Nurses
The ANMF received a Change Proposal for Surgical and Perioperative Services – Recovery Nurses, concerning roster arrangements and the intention to incorporate night duty into shift working duties. The ANMF consulted with members during Member Meetings held in Theatre on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 February 2020, if you were unable to make one of these meetings, feedback can still be submitted to our Member Support Team.

Cardiac Cath Lab
The ANMF have received a Change Proposal for the RHH Cardiac Cath Lab concerning the service’s transition to K-Block and assumption of the role of primary cardiac angiography interventional suite. The ANMF will  conduct a Member Meeting in the coming weeks with meeting flyers to follow however, in the meantime feel free to provide feedback via our Member Support Team.

General Medicine 2J
The ANMF conducted a Member Meeting in the RHH Ward 2J on Monday 3 February. This meeting was well attended and produced several points of interest which ANMF will pursue with Management on behalf of members. ANMF will seek to re-convene with members to report back on these matters soon.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service

An off-site meeting was held at the Ocean Child Hotel in Hobart on 29 January 2020. Members of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service took time out from the summer heat to discuss the merits of the Tasmanian and Victorian Agreements. Members are keen to get the best of both Agreements if possible, including 5 weeks paid annual leave, 21 days personal leave per year, a wage offer of at least 3%, and retention of the Skills Mix Clause ensuring the primacy of Registered Nurses and their key role in clinical assessments.

South Eastern Community Care (SECC)

ANMF members working at South Eastern Community Care (SECC) have rejected their employers wage offer of 2%. Following this, the ANMF sent a letter notifying the employer that 3% is sought by members.  The ANMF have become aware that the Clinical Nurse Manager position has been vacant for at least 12 months. We have expressed concern to SECC about this, and expect a response, as well as an increased wage offer, at the next Enterprise Bargaining meeting.

Mental Health Hospital in The Home (MH HiTH)

The ANMF conducted a Members Meeting on 30 January 2020. ANMF have been meeting with members regularly since late 2019. Members raised a number of concerns, including; employment contracts, overseas recruitment, limited casual staff availability, leave cover, employment training, employment classification, single home visits, and overtime. A letter will be sent to management raising these concerns. A follow up meeting will be scheduled once a response is received from management. In relation to employment contracts ANMF Organiser Jenna Bowling will seek advice and communicate any response to members via email. Please make sure your workplace and contact details are up to date, you can do this easily online here, phoning (03) 6223 6777 or emailing

Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (CATT)

The ANMF have been contacted by members of CATT and will be scheduling a Members Meeting in the coming weeks. Please keep an eye on your emails for further details.

Updates correct as at 5 February 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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