We are frequently updating information regarding enterprise agreements from private and aged care sites across Tasmania so our members can stay informed.

The ANMF are still awaiting a response from the employer regarding the resumption of bargaining.

Lifeblood (ARBCS)
The Lifeblood ballot was finalised on Tuesday 30 June 2020 with the Agreement being voted up by members. The ANMF are awaiting the next step in the approval process and will be in touch with members following this.

Following consultation with members, a Log of Claims has been created. The ANMF will visit members shortly to present the document for consideration and endorsement.

Respect (including Mount St Vincent)
The employer has made an application to have the Mount St Vincent Agreement cancelled by the Fair Work Commission. However, they have done this during a time of bargaining and without having reached an agreement. The ANMF are considering our response to the application and will be in touch with members with outcomes following this.

The employer has determined to suspend Enterprise Agreement bargaining negotiations until September 2020. The ANMF have written to the employer requesting clarification and a plan to address members entitlement to a wage rise.

Hobart Day Surgery
The ANMF are awaiting a copy of the Agreement to take to members for final approval.

South Eastern Community Care
A draft Agreement has been received by the ANMF and is currently being reviewed.

Hobart District Nursing Service
Following earlier consultation with members, a Log of Claims is ready for endorsement. A meeting is scheduled for 1500 hours on 22 July 2020 at the Hobart District Nursing Service day centre. Members are encouraged to attend this meeting to ensure that their voice is represented.

BUPA South Hobart
The employer has sent through a draft document which will see a further pay rise of 3% in July 2021.  Allowances have also been updated. The ANMF have provided comments on the draft back to the employer.

The ANMF met with management and Workplace Representatives at Corumbene to continue negotiations of the Nurses and Non-Nursing Agreements. The ANMF stated that the current pay increase is not sufficient and has requested that management come back with what impact each claim has on the current offer. Once we have received this information from the employer, meetings will be scheduled with members to discuss the next step.

The Menrock ballot has now concluded. The Agreement was unanimously rejected by members.

Christian Homes
A survey seeking input in relation to a Log of Claims will soon be circulated to members.

Masonic Freemasons Home
The ANMF recently visited members at Masonic Freemasons Home to present an Agreement response for consideration. An additional meeting is scheduled for 1030 hours on Tuesday 21 July 2020 for members who were unable to attend the first meeting.

One Care Bishop Davies Court and Barossa Park
The ANMF recently discussed the Log of Claims with members at both sites. Member feedback is being reviewed by the ANMF Industrial Team.

Queen Victoria Home
The employer has indicated that they would be prepared to enter into negotiations for a new Agreement. The ANMF will be sending out a survey to members to learn what their priorities are, this will allow us to build a Log of Claims moving forwards.

May Shaw
The employer is currently reviewing wage rates before discussing this further with ANMF officials. At this stage a meeting with members is scheduled for 27 July 2020. Members are encouraged to check their emails for information relating to this.

Medea Park
The Agreement is close to being sent to ballot at which time members will be required to vote on the Agreement.

Updates correct as at 23 July 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary