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Royal Hobart Hospital

Psychiatric Emergency Nurses (PENs)

The ANMF submitted a response to the draft proposed trial parameters for the Mental Health Short Stay Unit (MHSSU) on 10 July 2020. The letter was the result of a long period of consultation with members and contained their feedback on the trial. A meeting was held with Mental Heath Services management on Wednesday 22 July 2020 to discuss this feedback and attempt to resolve the matter. PEN members have been invited to attend this meeting. If the matter is unable to be resolved at this meeting it will be returned the Tasmanian Industrial Commission.

Department of Psychiatry (DoP)

The ANMF were provided with a memo that was sent to nurses in DoP regarding a further delay to the move to K-Block (scheduled for 29 July 2020) due to unresolved safety issues. The ANMF appreciate the work that is going into making sure the unit is safe for staff and patients. We also appreciate the feedback that has been received by members in relation to their own concerns about the new space. These concerns have been raised with management and, where possible, will be resolved prior to the move

The memo from management on 15 July 2020 also detailed name changes to the department. When the inpatient unit moves to K-Block it will be known as the Mental Health Inpatient Unit (MHIU) and all mental health units at the Royal Hobrt Hospital and immediate surrounds, which include MHIU, Clozapine Clinic, ECT Services, Consultation Liaison Psychiatry, Psychiatric Emergency Nurses and Mistral Place, will collectively be known as the Mental Health Department (MHD).

Ward K9W – General Surgical Unit

On 23 June 2020, the ANMF attended a meeting with Royal Hobart Hospital Surgical Services nursing management to discuss concerns raised during the 17 June Step 1 Grievance letter. The Tasmanian Health Service subsequently responded in writing on 2 July 2020, providing the meeting minutes and the NHpPD Benchmarking E-Tool from the last assessment. The ANMF will relay key details from each of these via an email to members.

Emergency Department

The ANMF will hold a meeting with members in the Emergency Department’s Handover Room tomorrow, Friday 24 July at 1445 hours. This meeting is to discuss general nursing conditions on the unit. All members and non members are welcome. Application forms will be available for those wishing to join the ANMF.

Bicycle Parking

The ANMF thank all members who engaged in the recent Active Transport Survey. A good response was received with 196 submissions. The comments section of this survey was particularly useful in identifying and articulating the wants and needs of members which we will continue to strongly advocate for.

Ward 9A – Inpatient Oncology

The ANMF conducted a meeting with members on 21 July 2020, to collate feedback regarding workload and staffing concerns on the Royal Hobart Hospital Inpatient Oncology Unit. From this meeting a resolution was made to lodge a Step 1 Workload Grievance expressing concerns raised to Tasmanian Health Service management. The ANMF will advise members via email once a response to this letter has been received and  provide a date for a follow up meeting.

Updates correct as at 23 July 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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