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Statewide Updates – Aged Care

Southern Cross Care (SCC)


The ANMF note that members at Mary’s Grange have received their Federal Government bonus payment. However, members at other SCC sites are still awaiting payment with SCC providing no explanation as to why they are out of step with other RACFs in passing on this money. We have encouraged members to use the Federal Government site to enquire as to the whereabouts of the bonus please click here for the link.

The ANMF have received a response from Southern Cross Care to the letter sent in August 2020 raising several matters for members working in all Southern Cross Care sites statewide. Organisers will be scheduling meetings at sites to discuss the response and take further direction from members, and we ask that members liaise closely with Workplace Reps and our ANMF team if presented with any ongoing concerns in a challenging workplace.

Marys Grange

The ANMF will visit members at Southern Cross Care Marys Grange on Wednesday 16 September 2020 to discuss the Southern Cross Care response to the letter sent in August 2020. We are advised that a new Facility Manager will be commencing at Marys Grange soon.

Guilford Young Grove

The ANMF visited members at Southern Cross Care Guilford Young Grove on Thursday 10 September 2020. Discussions centred around recent staff changes and feedback to members from correspondence received.

Sandown Apartments

The ANMF will visit Southern Cross Care site Sandown Apartments in the coming weeks to consult with members about proposed roster changes, discuss Southern Cross Care’s response letter and to take further direction. Please contact the ANMF by phone on 6223 6777 or by email to Organiser if you have any concerns about these proposed changes.

Rosary Gardens

The ANMF are awaiting a meeting time and date between management and ANMF workplace representatives to discuss outstanding matters arising from our recent correspondence.  Members will be kept updated on any developments. Please liaise with your ANMF Representative and Organiser if you are concerned about any of the ongoing changes in a challenging workplace.

Fairway Rise

The ANMF met with members on 31 August 2020 regarding the implementation of SCCs new iCare data system. Members are being instructed to transfer data manually from Autumn Care to iCare on top of already excessive workloads. The ANMF have submitted correspondence on behalf of members challenging this arrangement. We are currently awaiting a response. Members are encouraged to focus on care delivery and work according to their allocated hours. If you have any queries or problems because of this situation contact the ANMF team on 62236777 or via email

Glenara Lakes and Ainslie House Low Head

On 28 August ANMF received a response from Southern Cross Care to the ANMF letter sent on 13 August raising multiple workload concerns across the state. ANMF will be scheduling report back meetings with members at both Glenara Lakes and Ainslie House Low Head to discuss Southern Cross Care response. Meeting details to follow.

Updates correct as at 17 September 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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