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EA Updates

One Care
The ANMF are awaiting dates to commence negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement. It is likely that the first meeting will be held in October 2020.

It is anticipated that negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement will commence in October 2020.

The employer has advised that they will be putting a draft Enterprise Agreement out to ballot soon. You can read the latest update from the ANMF to members here.

Calvary Health Care Tasmania
The ANMF have followed up with the employer on two occasions but are yet to receive an update on progressing the discussion for a replacement Enterprise Agreement. Members continue to advise us that the primary concern for all areas remains unreasonable workloads.

Following consultation with members, a Log of Claims is being developed. It will be circulated to members shortly in order to seek endorsement before it is sent to your employer.

The ANMF has been discussing the draft Enterprise Agreement with the employer and the current offer is for a 2% pay increase. The ANMF has been attempting to get the employer to move on this point but they have indicated that they may take the draft document out for an employee vote.

Bupa South Hobart
The variation to the Agreement has been lodged with the Fair Work Commission. A hearing date has been set for 8 October 2020, it is hoped that the Agreement will then be approved by the Commission.

Hobart Day Surgery
The ANMF are awaiting ballot dates from the employer. Members will be notified of a subsequent meeting following receipt of this.

Hobart District Nurses
Negotiations for a new Agreement commenced on 29 September 2020. Members were represented by their ANMF Workplace Representative. Hobart District Nurses have offered 2% per year for a 4-year Agreement, with a one-off 3% increase to allowances in the first year only. Extra annual leave and meal break clause have been approved. The employer has agreed to consider the ANMF’s proposed Workload Clause. A meeting with members will be scheduled prior to the next negotiation meeting in order to obtain member’s input.

South Eastern Community Care
The ANMF are still awaiting a response and ballot date from South Eastern Community Care.

The ANMF held a series of meetings at Hobart Private Hospital to consult with members regarding their Log of Claims for the upcoming Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. The meetings were well attended, and members have advised changes that will be incorporated into a new Log. EA meetings are scheduled to commence on 20 October 2020.

Enterprise Agreement Bargaining is to re-commence shortly, and meetings with members will be held in late October 2020.

The outstanding issue is consideration of two additional pay points for medically endorsed enrolled nurses. The classifications and the salary appendices do not match. The ANMF have queried this and are waiting for a response.

Eskleigh Nurses
The employer has indicated that they will be putting a draft Agreement to ballot shortly. Enterprise Agreement has been reviewed and the employer bargaining representative has made several amendments without approval. This has been queried and the ANMF are waiting for a response.

The ANMF have requested the recommencement of bargaining in June. To date we have followed up twice without a response from the employer and will be doing so again shortly. The proposal is to extend the expiry date of the Agreement for another year.

Masonic Care Tasmania
Masonic Care Tasmania has indicated that payment is now being made for handover.

Updates correct as at 1 October 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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