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Latest news and updates from across the state

EA Updates

The ANMF are currently reviewing the draft Agreement presented by Calvary Health Care Tasmania. Member consultation meetings will be scheduled over the next week to discuss the next step with members.

Southern Cross Care
The first Bargaining meeting was held on Wednesday 28 October. This will be a recommencement of the Enterprise Bargaining process as the original proceedings were postponed due to COVID-19.  

The ANMF advise members working at Respect that management proposed to put the Enterprise Agreement to ballot last Friday 23 October. Staff will be given the opportunity to vote on the proposed agreement via survey monkey.

May Shaw
Member meetings will be held in the coming weeks to endorse the revised Log of Claims. A flyer advising of the meeting date and time will be circulated via email.

One Care
The first bargaining meeting will be held on 30 October 2020.

The first bargaining meeting is scheduled today, 29 October.

The first bargaining meeting was held on 20 October.  The ANMF presented its Log of Claims and is now awaiting the employer’s response. The next bargaining meeting is scheduled for 4 November.

Hobart Day Surgery
The ANMF have been informed that the ballot unanimously was in favour of approving the Hobart Day Surgery Draft Agreement. Procedural matters will now be attended prior to submission of the finalised document to Fair Work.

Hobart District Nursing Service
The Enterprise Bargaining between the ANMF and Hobart District Nursing Services (HDNS) started on 29 September 2020. HDNS have improved their Wage Offer. Members have considered this offer and are still awaiting to hear HDNS decision about the Workload Clause in the Log of Claims.

South Eastern Community Care
Employees rejected the proposed agreement at ballot.The ANMF will now seek to continue the bargaining process, we will provide members with an update once available.

The ANMF is reviewing the employer’s draft agreement. The next bargaining meeting is scheduled for 5 November.

Menarock The Gardens
The ANMF visited The Gardens on Wednesday 14 October discussing the recommencement of the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) as well as other workplace matters, including the implementation of annual classifications, staffing, and wage comparisons with other sites. Look out for a flyer with an EBA update soon.

Christian Homes
The employer has advised that they intend to put its proposed agreement out to ballot without the ANMF’s in-principle support. A drafting meeting is scheduled for 5 November.

Medea Park
The ANMF advise members that the Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations continue. Medea Park management have agreed that the schedule for wages will be based on the 2018 wage rates within the EA plus 2.5%. Further amendments were made by Medea Park to the proposed EA that require clarification. The ANMF is seeking further clarification and will notify members once we have a final draft agreement.

May Shaw – James Scott Wing and Aminya
The ANMF have received contact from members working at May Shaw, expressing concerns about workload and staffing. It is hoped that a member meeting can be scheduled in the second week of November. May Shaw draft EA Log of Claims will be taken to members for endorsement during this meeting, meeting flyers to follow

Updates correct as at 29 October 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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