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Aged Care Updates – Statewide

Huon Regional Care

The ANMF attended a staff meeting on Thursday 12 November with Workplace Reps, members, and the Acting Facility Manager. There has been some improvement to concerns about staffing and other issues, and members now look forward to the new Facility Manager commencing in early December. ANMF officials also met with management at Franklin for further discussion and had some very positive feedback about the issue of ENs 24/7 requirement. Huon Regional Care are exploring the possibility of offering ECAs the chance to do EN education. Further, they are encouraging casual employees to convert to permanent employment where desired. Meetings regarding the impact of changes to roster will be held soon. The ANMF will be at these meetings to support members with these changes. In the meantime, please contact the ANMF Member Support Team for further clarification.

BUPA South Hobart

ANMF are still awaiting formal correspondence about the change of owner and will update members as soon as this becomes available. In the meantime, we advise members and staff not to sign anything prior to checking with our Member Support Team.

Regis – Legana, Norwood

The ANMF has been made aware that there are several workload and safety concerns at Regis Legana and Norwood. The ANMF issued a survey to all members in order to facilitate meeting times and location that will best meet member needs. This survey has now closed but the ANMF welcomes any further feedback from members at Regis. Please feel free to send any comments or concerns to our Member Support Team and they will send this onto the relevant workplace Organiser.

May Shaw

The ANMF visited members at May Shaw on 10 November, to consult about the roster, staffing, recruitment, the Log of Claims for the forthcoming Enterprise Agreement, and other matters. The meeting was well attended, and we look forward to the nomination of a new ANMF Workplace Rep at this site soon. Discussion revealed that management have recruited new staff, including a Clinical Nurse Manager, and there is a new roster with an extra clinical support shift for the afternoon, but only Monday to Friday. Management explained that a business case is being put to the executive team to extend that position over the weekend. Interviewing is scheduled for a Weekend Concierge position. There is ongoing work continuing toward accreditation, due to be completed in February. This may mean a change to staffing according to Tasmanian Health Service adherence to the Poisons Act, though this needs further clarification from management. The ANMF Log of Claims was approved, and ANMF will be in touch once dates are set.

May Shaw – James Scott Wing and Aminya

The ANMF received correspondence on 9 November from May Shaw Heath Centre regarding a change proposal for the Aminya Residential Care and James Scott Wing amalgamation. In lieu of the amalgamation, May Shaw has proposed to reduce hours for Enrolled Nursing Staff which will take the form of redeployment and/or partial or full redundancies. The ANMF met with members on November 24 to discuss the proposal. As a result of this meeting a letter will be sent to May Shaw Health Centre requesting further consideration of workplace issues. Newsflash on the outcomes of the meeting to follow.

One Care – Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Response

ANMF met with members on 24 and 25 November and discussed One Cares Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) offer. Members were able to put together a very reasonable counter offer and this will be further discussed with members across the state in coming weeks.

Updates correct as at 26 November 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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