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Aged Care Updates – Statewide


The ANMF met with members at New Norfolk in a very well attended meeting. Members have a number of concerns including rosters, replacement of staff on shifts, and workloads. ANMF have requested a meeting with management to allow these matters to be addressed.

May Shaw – James Scott Wing and Aminya

The ANMF received correspondence on 9 November, from May Shaw Health Centre (MSHC) regarding a change proposal for the Aminya Residential Care and James Scott Wing amalgamation. In lieu of the amalgamation, MSHC has proposed to reduce hours to Enrolled Nursing staff which will take the form of redeployment and/or partial or full redundancies. Members had questions pertaining to the details of these redundancy and redeployment options. MSHC has agreed to provide redundancy quotes to all Enrolled nurses. MSHC agreed to meet on 9 November with members and the ANMF to address members’ concerns regarding the change proposal.

Regis – Legana

The ANMF has been made aware that there are several workload and safety concerns at Regis Legana. The ANMF issued a member survey to identify meeting times and a location that will best meet members needs. This survey has now closed, but the ANMF welcomes any further feedback from members at Regis. A meeting with members at Regis Legana was held offsite on 8 December. A further onsite meeting will be held at 1200 hours on Monday  14 December.

May Shaw

Following our visit on 10 November, the ANMF are pleased to see that the extra afternoon shift now covers 7 days a week. There is further progress with the concierge position and management are to consult with the Tasmanian Health Service regarding the possible requirement for Enrolled Nurses’ on every shift.

Masonic Care Tasmania

Final calculations for the handover backpay have now been completed and sent to the employer. The ANMF met with members at Masonic Care Tasmania to relay this information and discuss workload concerns. Members conveyed they were optimistic that increased staffing at Masonic Care Tasmania will resolve several of the workload concerns that staff have been experiencing. The ANMF encourages all members to contact the ANMF regarding any further concerns.

OneCare Rubicon Grove

ANMF officials visited Rubicon Grove on 30 November 2020. ANMF member engagement officer Yasmin McMahon met carers whilst North West Organiser Annette Beechey met with nurses to review the Nurses 2020 Enterprise Agreement offer made by the employer. For latest updates on the EA process please click here.

Respect Eliza Purton Home

Newly appointed Member Engagement officer Yasmin McMahon visited Eliza Purton Home on 30 November to meet with members. Keep an eye out for Yasmin as she visits all the North West Coast aged care facilities over the coming months.

BUPA South Hobart – now Southern Cross Care

ANMF have attended meetings with members to examine contracts. Southern Cross Care Tasmania have delivered four versions of contracts thus far. The ANMF met with members this week to consult and review the latest version.

Updates correct as at 10 December 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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