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ANMF officials alongside members met with the CEO of Corumbene in New Norfolk in December. During this meeting a number of concerns including rosters, replacement of staff on shifts, workloads, recruitment, Work Health and Safety, and allocations were discussed. This was a great opportunity for members to ask questions of management. Responses to these questions were well received with a number of follow up tasks outlined. The ANMF will return early in the new year to check on progress.

May Shaw – James Scott Wing and Aminya

The ANMF met with members and the CEO at May Shaw Aminya Residential Care and James Scott Wing in December. May Shaw reiterated their financial situation and are positioned to reduce three enrolled nurse positions. The CEO has agreed to meet with the ANMF and staff again in February to evaluate the effectiveness of the site amalgamation and roster restructuring in resolving members’ workload issues.

May Shaw – Swansea

Despite some improvements to resources and conditions at Swansea, members at Scottsdale are working under a different staffing model. The ANMF are looking to compare the sites and work toward a better outcome for Scottsdale members.

Medea Park

The ANMF has received correspondence from Medea Park in relation to the remote call allowance. Medea Park management wish to reduce the current $1.71 rate to $1.48 per hour. This reduction did not form a part of the employer’s Log of Claims and consequently the ANMF has rejected the proposal. The ANMF has requested that the existing rate be maintained with a 2.5% wage increase in line with the wage increase.

Regis – Legana

The ANMF met with members at Regis Legana over multiple meetings in December. These meetings were to discuss a multitude of workload and safety concerns at the site. The ANMF is aware that Regis Legana will undergo a restructuring of their Executive team, and as such will endeavour to meet with members soon to plan for resolution to workplace issues.

Masonic Care Tasmania – Fred French and Peace Haven

The ANMF continues to await a response from Masonic Care Tasmania regarding the resolution of all claims for handover made on behalf of members to the CEO. The ANMF will meet with members again soon.

OneCare – Umina Park

ANMF officials visited Umina Park on 7 December 2020. North West Organiser Annette Beechey met with nurses to review the Nurses 2020 Enterprise Agreement offer made by the employer, while ANMF Member Engagement Officer Yasmin McMahon met care workers to discuss workplace matters. During these meetings members reported that the Foul and Nauseous Linen Allowance was not being paid in a timely manner despite the appropriate paperwork being completed. This has been raised with the Facility Manager. For full details, you can read the latest update here.

Uniting AgeWell – Strathdevon

Newly appointed Member Engagement officer Yasmin McMahon visited Uniting AgeWell Strathdevon prior to Christmas to meet with members. We encourage members to keep an eye out for Yasmin as she visits Aged Care Facilities on the North West coast over the coming months. You can learn more about Yasmin in the latest edition of Infusion here. If you would like to book a visit from Yasmin, please get in touch with our Member Support Team.

Bupa – South Hobart

Since taking over ownership of Bupa South Hobart, Southern Cross Care Tasmania (SCCT) has now delivered acceptable contracts to staff after three earlier failed attempts. The ANMF will continue to support members at Bupa South Hobart as the move continues. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Member Support Team.

Updates correct as at 7 January 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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