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EA Updates

Calvary Health Care Tasmania
The ANMF has received a response from your employer with proposed strategies to improve workloads. The ANMF will continue discussions with the employer to ensure that member concerns are adequately addressed. Calvary have advised that they plan to amend the workload clause (the ANMF are waiting on the draft) and have also noted an intention to then ballot the proposed agreement. Currently, the Access period is anticipated to commence 24 February, with the electronic ballot commencing at 0900 hours on 11 March and closing at 1600 hrs on 17 March 2021. However, prior to a ballot being scheduled, the ANMF expects to have seen a final draft so that we might advise members. The ANMF is expecting to receive more information from Calvary and will hold further meetings to keep members informed.

The ANMF has received a revised offer from your employer and will meet with members in the coming weeks to obtain their views so that we might respond.

Southern Cross Care Tasmania (SCCT)
At the last meeting with Southern Cross Care Tasmania representatives, concerns were raised about the slow progress in negotiating a new Enterprise Agreement. The ANMF have suggested convening a small group to work through the current agreements to modernise the wording and make it more ‘user friendly’. The next meeting is scheduled for 10 February at 1100 hours.  SCCT have indicated they will provide a response to your log of claims shortly.

The ANMF recently met with members at the Hobart Private Hospital and St Helen’s sites. Currently there is a protected action ballot (PAB) being circulated for members to vote on. The ballot closes on 9 February but it is important get your vote in early so that it can count. Only if the vote gets up will members be able to engage in Industrial Action to support their claim for a better agreement. The next EA meeting is scheduled on February 11. We are holding a series of member meetings to keep members updated and informed.

Members have also voiced concerns over workload/overtime issues. They are considering how to highlight the issues to management. Any workload issues in your ward/unit please contact Jane Pond at the ANMF office via email:

Calvary – Lenah Valley and St. John’s
The Enterprise Agreement discussion has been ongoing for 18 months and members are frustrated at the delays and, following member meetings, it appears members (at both sites) would consider taking action to resolve the matter.  Correspondence has recently been received from Calvary regarding workload concerns which has been distributed to members, please also see the statewide update.

Christian Homes Nursing
The ANMF is awaiting a final draft agreement from the employer for the ANMF to review prior to the document being circulated for ballot.

Christian Homes Care Workers
The ANMF is surveying members to prepare a log of claims for a new enterprise agreement.

The agreements (Nursing and General staff) have been lodged in the Fair Work Commission and are awaiting approval.

The ANMF met with members at Toosey on Monday 18 January. At the meeting members were introduced to the ANMF Member Communications and Engagement Officer, Yasmin McMahon. The ANMF looks forward to meeting with members at Toosey and providing updates on the Enterprise Agreement negotiations throughout the year.

In relation to the EA negotiations, a Zoom meeting has been scheduled on Monday 8 February 2021, to finalise access and ballot dates.

Medea Park
The final draft of the proposed Enterprise Agreement been supplied to the ANMF and is currently being reviewed. It is proposed that the ballot dates for members to vote will open on 16 February and close on 25 February 2021. Once these dates are confirmed, the ANMF will advise members.

Aged Care Deloraine
A date is yet to be set for first bargaining meeting, the ANMF will advise members once a date has been confirmed.

Meercroft Care
The proposed Enterprise Agreement is currently out to ballot.

Melaleuca, Home for Aged
The final draft of the Enterprise Agreement has been reviewed by the ANMF. The ANMF is seeking to confirm the correct the pay rates are reflected in the draft  prior to the draft being circulated for the vote of members.

Tandara Lodge
A date has not yet been set for first bargaining meeting to discuss the Log of Claims lodged on behalf of members. The ANMF will advise members once a date has been confirmed.

Updates correct as at 4 February 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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