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EA Updates

Calvary Health Care Tasmania (CHCT)
The ANMF has received a final draft Enterprise Agreement from Calvary which is being scrutinised by the Industrial team. The ANMF are planning to conduct meetings with members across Calvary sites to provide information about the offer to allow members to participate in the voting process for the new Agreement in an informed way. Information will also be circulated by way of flyers in the workplace. Final draft access commencement period is 24 February 2021. Votes can be submitted between 11 and 17 March 2021.

Southern Cross Care Tasmania
The next meeting is scheduled for 0900 hours on Wednesday 24 February 2021. Unfortunately, Southern Cross Care Tasmania (SCCT) are still delaying matters as we await a response to our Log of Claims and a Wage Offer, and our members wages fall further behind those of like-employers.

The ANMF have consulted members across the state about the OneCare counteroffer. We have had a strong response from members, who are firm in their belief that the preceptor allowance should be paid for precepting students, as well as new staff. We will provide this information to the negotiating team at the next Enterprise Agreement meeting.

The Protected Action Ballot (PAB) for Healthscope was unsuccessful as only 45% of the distributed ballots were returned (the requisite is 50%). However, the majority who did vote, voted in favour of protected action. We are planning to apply for another PAB.

The ANMF remind members to make sure their details are updated for Healthscope with ANMF records. Members will only be eligible to vote (and so will receive a ballot) if they are on the ANMF list as well the employer list.

You can update your details on our website here or email the membership officer at:, alternatively you can contact the office on 6223 6777 (but online or email is the more efficient way to make contact).

ANMF will be providing media updates in relation to the fact that Healthscope do not appear to be listening to the valid concerns of members.

The ANMF have been advised that management have asked members to let them know of the issues affecting them. One clear issue which is consistently raised, is workloads.

ANMF will be holding member meetings at Hobart Private and St Helen’s Private Hospital to keep members updated. Members, listed as working at Healthscope sites, will receive updates via email.

Important notice for Healthscope nurses and midwives
Please note that the ANMF has relodged an application for a protected action ballot with the Fair Work Commission. If you work any shifts at either Healthscope hospital, please make sure you are listed as working there on our database. You can update your details on our website here or email the membership officer at or call 6223 6777.

Menarock The Gardens
The ANMF have sent correspondence to Menarock requesting a recommencement of the Enterprise Agreement process. Menarock People and Culture Manager will be in Hobart in early March and has requested a meeting with the ANMF.

Christian Homes
The ANMF will visit on 18 February to consult members further to develop a new Log of Claims.

Roy Fagan
Discussion and agreement needs to occur around the issue of 12 hour shifts for nursing staff. This will need to be formalised into an Agreement registered with the Tasmanian Industrial Commission. A meeting with members will be scheduled shortly.

The ANMF are pleased to advise that the balloted Agreement is now with the Fair Work Commission for approval.

Members are advised that the Enterprise Agreement is now ready for a vote. The access period commences 19 February with the ballot opening on 2 March and closes on 16 March.

Medea Park
The Enterprise Agreement voting process commenced with the access period on 15 February. The ballot opens on 24 February, closing on 3 March.

Members will shortly be able to vote on the draft Enterprise Agreement. The access period commences on 22 February 2021. The ballot opens 1 March 2021 and closes 5 March 2021.

Updates correct as at 18 February 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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