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Latest news and updates from across the state

EA Updates

The ANMF continues to meet with Healthscope Human Resource Management regarding the current Enterprise Agreement negotiations. Members have raised ongoing concerns regarding excessive workloads and conditions. The ANMF continues to emphasise that the current excessive workloads need to be addressed and reflected in the Enterprise Agreement. Read the full update here.

Calvary Health Care
The ANMF has scrutinised the final draft Enterprise Agreement for Calvary Health Care and agreed for it to go to ballot. The employer opened the access period for staff from Wednesday 14 April 2021. The electronic ballot period is open from 9am on 29 April 2021 to 4pm on 5 May 2021. The ANMF has planned regular weekly meetings at Calvary Health Care sites across the State to meet with members during this process and answer any questions.

Southern Cross Care Tasmania
Southern Cross Care Tasmania management has proposed a wage increase of 1.5% from December 2021 and for 2022 and 2023. In addition to this, a proposal has been put forward to make meal breaks (for clinical staff) unpaid. A survey from the ANMF will be sent to members via email shortly to consult regarding the proposed offer. We will also be scheduling meetings with members in the coming weeks. The next Bargaining meeting is scheduled for 21 April 2021.

The ANMF has consulted with members at OneCare about the latest Enterprise Agreement. Members strongly request that the workload attributed to precepting students is appropriately acknowledged as it is in other workplaces via a paid allowance. The ANMF industrial team are still awaiting a response from OneCare to the anomalies made in the draft Agreement

South Eastern Community Care
The ANMF is still awaiting a ballot date for the draft Agreement.

Menarock The Gardens
The ANMF is currently arranging the next step in the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement process with Menarock.

 Christian Homes
The ANMF is currently contesting the employer’s desire to combine agreements at Christian Homes.

Masonic Care Tasmania – Freemasons
The ANMF conducted a meeting with members at Masonic Care Tasmania Freemasons on 12 April 2021. Members are keen to progress the Enterprise Agreement. The biggest areas of concern are staffing, training opportunities, and when members will receive COVID-19 vaccinations.

May Shaw
The ANMF has sent formal correspondence to May Shaw Swansea management and will update members when we have received and analysed the response. Ongoing changes to management at May Shaw appear to have delayed the process.

Aged Care Deloraine
The first bargaining meeting set for late April 2021.

Calvary Community Care
The ANMF is still waiting for a response from the employer in relation to commencing bargaining.

Emmerton Park
The ANMF is still waiting for a response from the employer to start bargaining.

Tandara (Nurses Agreement)
Bargaining meeting is set to occur in late April 2021.

Updates correct as at 15 April 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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