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The ANMF continues to emphasise that the current excessive workloads need to be addressed and reflected in the Enterprise Agreement. Regular weekly walk arounds are being conducted by the ANMF to wards and units. Please look out for ANMF Organisers, they are happy to discuss any issues or questions you have.

At the meeting on Tuesday 13 April, Healthscope made a commitment to the ANMF to meet with staff on the Surgical Unit to discuss and address their workload issues, especially on the night shift. The ANMF sees this as a positive move by management to demonstrate to members that workloads are being taken seriously by the employer and that the workload committee will have the power to make positive changes for members in their workplace.

Healthscope, on pressing by the ANMF, also agreed to consider the inclusion of mention of an acuity tool to improve transparency on nurses’ and midwives’ workloads in the Workload Committee clause of the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. Unfortunately, the ANMF has now been contacted by Healthscope to advise us that an acuity tool will not be considered at this time. Healthscope has agreed to allow the ANMF to propose drafting changes, that will lead to greater transparency for members on staffing levels and decisions around staffing. The ANMF will be meeting with members to discuss this issue over the next week.

Additionally, the ANMF has received the result of the Protected Action Ballot, unfortunately, the ballot was not successful. The ANMF respects the view that the majority of members did not want to take protected action and assure members that we will fiercely advocate on their behalf by continuing to put forward proactive solutions regarding workloads and rostering during negotiations.

Read the full update emailed to members here. 

Updates correct as at 15 April 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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