COVID-19 Vaccination Update

COVID-19 Vaccination Update

A deeper dive has also been undertaken to assess one specific aged care facility in the States North. This demonstrated a 100% vaccination rate at this aged care facility.

The decision to make vaccinations mandatory for aged care workers is one the Department of Health are currently considering. The ANMF will continue to monitor this deliberation and keep members up to date on any new developments.

Additional Pfizer clinics have been brought on in the South and the North West and more GP’s will now be brought online to deliver COVID-19 vaccines, particularly in areas where there is currently no GP coverage for COVID-19 vaccination (e.g. Beaconsfield, New Norfolk).

Workforce currently continues to be the most challenging aspect of the COVID-19 vaccine roll out and will likely continue to be over the winter period. The Director of Public Health is considering authorising Pharmacists to deliver vaccines (not in the community) to relieve the pressure currently on nursing staff. Following this authorisation, Enrolled Nurses will then be considered for vaccination delivery.

The ANMF are pleased to confirm that Professional Indemnity is secured for all nurses and midwives by the ANMF for delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, the pre-education process as well as the post vaccination monitoring. The ANMF are aware that many insurers are not providing cover for any COVID-19 activities, so it is critical that any nurse or midwife who is delivering vaccines is a member of the ANMF to ensure full coverage.

Updates correct as at 10 June 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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