Public Sector Updates – North

Launceston General Hospital

LGH Emergency Department

The ANMF attended the first report back forum established to oversee the implementation of the 21.3 FTE secured by the ANMF application to the Tasmania Industrial Commission (TIC). The ANMF was presented with a proposed staffing profile and progress on recruitment to the positions. The ANMF has requested a report for the next meeting that details recruited full time equivalents (FTE) against benchmarked FTE and the TIC FTE. The next meeting is scheduled for 26 July, in the interim the ANMF will schedule a meeting with members to provide a more comprehensive report. Meeting time to be confirmed.

Ward 3R

On Monday 21 June the ANMF met with THS management to discuss workload concerns raised by members on 3R. The ANMF was advised that recruitment to the benchmarked FTE is on track for a full establishment. Afternoon staffing is now allocated to 7. There will be a possible change in current length of stay due to the impact of Occupational Therapy (OT) availability in John L Grove (JLG), this will decrease turnover in 3R and so should see a reduction in workload related. The ANMF will be scheduling a member meeting shortly to provide more comprehensive feedback and to hear any additional concerns members might have. Meeting time to be confirmed.

Holman Clinic

The member survey regarding the trial of the ‘Floor Support’ model closed on Wednesday 7 July. The ANMF will be collating these results and then meeting with members to discuss progress and a way forward on the issues and challenges for the Holman clinic. Meeting time to be confirmed shortly.

Operating Room Suite

The ANMF has now sent correspondence to THS regarding recommendations and outcomes with member feedback on these from the Step 2 Specialist panel meeting. The ANMF will provide a further update to members at a meeting once THS has responded. Further, in relation to the change proposal for an Associate Nurse Unit Manager (ANUM) Instrument and Circulating position, the ANMF will provided feedback from the member survey to management by close of business Friday 9 July.

Updates correct as at 8 July 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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