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Aged Care Updates – Statewide

Japara Sandhill

The ANMF met with members at Japara Sandhill. Multiple issues were raised in this meeting. The ANMF is now drafting correspondence to Japara to progress the concerns.

Masonic Care Tasmania

The ANMF met with members at both Peace Haven and Fred French to discuss workload concerns. The ANMF is directing these concerns to the Facility Manager and will notify members of any updates received.

Medea Park

Resulting from both the ANMF survey and the recent member meeting, members raised concerns regarding payments. The ANMF has written to Medea Park seeking clarification of the payments of both handover and wage increase backpay.

May Shaw Scottsdale (Aminya)

The ANMF has written to the CEO to seek clarification on measures to relieve workload concerns experienced by members at May Shaw Scottsdale.

Southern Cross Care Tasmania

The ANMF received correspondence from the Chair of Southern Cross Care Tasmania noting that they had not seen our letter. They assert that the ANMF should have received a bounce back email – but we can assure members that this did not happen. The ANMF has been provided with a draft agreement which sees changes to many conditions of employment.  We have been advised that some of these are ‘drafting’ issues but we are waiting to have a further meeting with management. A meeting scheduled for Thursday 22 July was cancelled at short notice.  It is anticipated that a further EA meeting will occur next week.

Updates correct as at 22 July 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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