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Private Sector Updates – Statewide


After raising workload concerns with Calvary, the ANMF has met with Calvary Industrial Relations Lead and Calvary Executive on Tuesday 3 August to address the objectives of the Workload Consultative Committee working group and workload forms. The ANMF will have the draft documents to review by 6 August.


Nurses have advised that there have been instances where the correct penalties have not applied when recalled to work. Carers have advised that they are not receiving the correct wage in line with a 1 July 2021 wage increase. If you believe this impacts you, please contact member support by emailing

North West Private Hospital (NWPH)


On Friday 16 July the ANMF received a response from management in regards to the workload concerns raised on 23 June. The ANMF sought feedback and direction from members at a meeting held on 2 August. We will advise members of any progress once an update is available.


Healthscope scheduled a meeting with the ANMF on 5 August about the next steps in the Enterprise Agreement (EA) process. The ANMF is aware that Healthscope negotiators are here to talk to staff and we encourage members to be open with their concerns around the EA.

Please remember to fill in the ANMF workload survey form if you have workload issues and/or email member support. The ANMF encourages you to contact us with any workplace issues.


Members have endorsed the Log of Claims (LOC) which will be presented at the EA meeting – date to be confirmed.

Family Planning Tasmania

The ANMF has received feedback via a survey for the LOC. Family Planning Tasmania members will receive this LOC shortly to review and endorse. ANMF Organiser Jane Pond will contact members by phone or email for this process.

Updates correct as at 5 August 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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