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Aged Care Updates – Statewide

Japara Sandhill

The ANMF is seeking to set up a meeting with Japara management to discuss concerns of members. The ANMF will update members when this meeting has transpired.

Masonic Care Tasmania

The ANMF will meet with Masonic Care Tasmania management to address workload concerns raised by members. Updates from this meeting will be provided to members.

Medea Park

Resulting from both the ANMF survey and the recent member meeting, members raised concerns regarding payments. The ANMF has written to Medea Park seeking clarification of the payments of both handover and wage increase backpay.

May Shaw Scottsdale (Aminya)

The ANMF has received correspondence from May Shaw Scottsdale regarding ongoing workload concerns. The ANMF will meet with management to explore resolution to members’ concerns. May Shaw Scottsdale have confirmed that they will increase carer wages in line with the Enterprise Agreement (EA). The ANMF is yet to receive this confirmation in writing.

Regis Legana

The ANMF received correspondence from Regis Legana regarding workload concerns. The ANMF met with members at Regis Legana on Wednesday 18 August. Members have provided feedback that the response from management does not resolve their current workload concerns. Regis Legana has offered to meet with the ANMF regarding this correspondence. We will be taking any feedback, and any completed workload forms to date, to this meeting. Members will be advised of outcomes following this discussion. Do not forget that you can continue to notify us of your workload concerns through our online workload survey.

Uniting Agewell

The ANMF has been seeking to resolve the paid meal break dispute with Uniting AgeWell (UAW). The ANMF has asked UAW to ensure that no Extended Care Assistant (ECA) or nurse who is currently receiving a paid meal break is out of pocket under the proposed roster changes. UAW is considering its position in response. While discussions continue, the ANMF urges members not to accept the change proposal or new rosters sent out by management as they will disadvantage nurses and ECAs.

Southern Cross Care (SCC)

Rosary Gardens

The ANMF visited Rosary Gardens on 17 August 2021 and discussed the EA delay proposed by the CEO, and the correspondence received from SCC. Members at the meeting want to continue negotiating but also remarked that at least the paid meal breaks will continue if the delay goes ahead.

Guilford Young Grove

The ANMF visited members on 18 August 2021 and discussed the above issues. Members at the meeting want to continue EA negotiations or receive some pay compensation for the delay.


The ANMF visited the Rivulet Aged Care Home on 19 August 2021. This was following the surprise Quality and Safety Commission visit and subsequent outcome. Members were still unsure of the specific outcomes and awaiting meetings with SCC management to update them on this. These are scheduled this week, along with considerable mandatory training which is associated with the outcomes. The ANMF encourage feedback from members if there are any further concerns, please contact our Member Support Team.

Updates correct as at 2 September 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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