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EA Updates

Masonic Care Tasmania

The ANMF met with the employer on Thursday 11 November 2021.  The employer’s offer included a low wage increase and reductions to conditions.  ANMF members across the state are very disappointed and are meeting to discuss their options in response.

May Shaw Nurses

The ANMF has asked for an urgent bargaining meeting and is awaiting a response from the employer.

OneCare General Staff

The ANMF is surveying members about the employer’s final offer.


The employer has made an offer that includes a complete redraft of the agreement, with proposed improvements and reductions to conditions.  The ANMF is awaiting further details about the offer from the employer.

Barrington Lodge

The ANMF has sent the endorsed logs of claims to the employer.

Christian Homes Tasmania

ANMF members have accepted the employer’s offer subject to drafting.  The ANMF is now reviewing the employer’s draft agreement.

Glenview Nurses

The ANMF has sent the endorsed log of claims to the employer and is awaiting a response.


The ANMF is meeting with members to discuss the employer’s revised offer. The employer has reissued the notice of representational rights because the proposed EA will cover Assistants in Nursing (AIN) – this does not mean that bargaining is starting again, and members do not need to do anything in response to the notice.

Updates correct as at 25 November 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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