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Aged Care Updates – Statewide

Southern Cross Care (SCCT)

Changes to leadership at SCCT

Yet another Facility Manager (FM) has resigned from Sandown Apartments in Sandy Bay and will be leaving in early June.

Rosary Gardens still has no FM, despite the Australian Defence Force (ADF) being required to supply their own Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) whilst assisting with the COVID-19 outbreak there. This was quite unusual and does not reflect well on SCCT and their unique inability to retain managers. Staff at these sites are commended for their patience, tolerance and resilience despite the chaos going on around them.

Complaints are being heard and we have had concerned responses to our letters from both the Health Complaints Commissioner and from WorkSafe Tasmania.

The ANMF still encourages members to feedback issues related to absent or instability of leadership in SCCT sites, especially in COVID-19 management and Human Resources matters. Members are encouraged to look after themselves and their colleagues in these unreasonable situations. Use internal SCCT reporting systems, if you can, to highlight the impact on your workload and morale. Notify the ANMF if you are unable to get a response from your internal systems.

Enterprise Agreement (EA)

An ANMF email was sent out to members with the new improved offer. We have visited several sites and members have a more positive view of the EA offer now. Many have remarked that they now feel valued, but also, they have long memories and 12 months ago were being offered 1.5% for 3 years, loss of paid meal breaks, and no back pay. The ANMF Industrial Team is currently looking over the final Draft EA Document prior to SCCT putting EA to a vote in coming weeks.

Changes to Servery and Catering

The ANMF has been made aware these changes are affecting members, staff, and residents and we encourage members to continue to let SCCT know how these changes are affecting your role.

Rosary Gardens

ANMF members are working without a Facility Manager. Please advise the ANMF of any concerns.

Guilford Young Grove

The ANMF is pleased to learn that there is now a new facility manager at Guilford Young Grove.

Huon Regional Care

The ANMF will visit sites this week with an EBA offer. An email was sent out to members last week with the details. Please contact us for a copy if you missed out and check your contact details with the ANMF.

QV Care

Draft EA documents have been provided to our Industrial Team and members will be notified once the ANMF is happy with these finalised documents. A vote will be held soon.


The ANMF is awaiting an updated offer for members to consider from the Service Industry Advisory Group (SIAG) and Regis. Members will be consulted further once we have that. Look out for a text with meeting day and time soon.


The ANMF and Glenview met for pre-bargaining discussions on Tuesday 12 April 2022. Formal EA meetings will soon follow. Look out for updates.

Korongee Village, (Glenview)

The ANMF met with members regarding long running concerns about staffing, workloads, and recruitment issues. We are currently preparing correspondence to progress these concerns with Glenview and other relevant authorities.

Updates correct as at 27 April 2022.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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