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Calvary Health Care Tasmania
The ANMF is meeting with members to endorse the Log of Claims.

The ANMF has sent the endorsed Log of Claims to the employer.

Masonic Care Tasmania
The ANMF has asked the employer to provide an updated position as soon as possible.

May Shaw Nurses
The employer has issued a new notice of employee representational rights to restart the bargaining process.  ANMF members have endorsed an updated Log of Claims.

OneCare General Staff
The employer intends to put the agreement out to ballot shortly.

The ANMF is awaiting the employer’s response after reiterating member concerns with the current offer.

Barrington Lodge
The ANMF has sent the updated Logs of Claims to the employer.

Christian Homes Tasmania
The ANMF is working with the employer to finalise the draft agreement.

Glenview Nurses
The ANMF is meeting with members to discuss an administrative increase proposed by the employer.

Huon Regional Care
The agreements have been approved by the Fair Work Commission.

Updates correct as at 6 July 2022.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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