Newsflash: Launceston General Hospital – Ward 5D Step 2 Workload Grievance Update Increased Nursing FTE Secured for 5D

  1. Re-benchmarking is to be completed within one month of this letter
    Re-benchmarking has now been completed utilising the newly developed eCalculator that was developed in conjunction with ANMF and THS representatives via the State-wide Safe staffing Steering Committee (SSSC) meeting. The 5D recalculation for benchmarking will see an increase in 1.29 Fillable Full Time Equivalent (FTE).
  2. Benchmarking should be completed at 100% occupancy, that is 32 beds
    The ANMF negotiations at the SSSC meeting successfully secured the ability for all ward and areas to calculate their occupancy to 100% where average occupancy reached 95%. The eCalculator used in 5D rebenchmarking included the 100% occupancy formula.
  3. Benchmarking needs to consider and include nursing hours utilised for de-needling of ports and or the access of ports outside of the 5D environment, along with a loading against those hours spent providing chemotherapy care to areas outside of 5D
    Further negotiations by the ANMF at the SSSC meeting have allowed for the amendment of the business rules that under pin the benchmarking process and eCalculator. The business rules now facilitate at the Nurse Unit Managers (NUMs) discretion and by approval of the Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) for positions to be approved over and above the agreed benchmarking. As a result, THS north management have been able to propose implementing a Clinical Nurse Consult (CNC) position over and above the existing benchmarked direct FTE for 5D. This will result in an Oncology and Haematology CNC indirect 7 days a week, and extra 1.81 FTE (inclusive of relief) for 5D. The existing CNC will remain, with further discussion and consultation at the ward level to occur for this role.
  4. Consideration be given to the specialty area that 5D is, acknowledging the complexity that comes with chemotherapy and that benchmarking titrated up to be is reflective of this. Members suggest that a portion of 5D patients should be re-classified as High Dependency Unit (HDU) patients and the applicable Nursing Hours per Patient Day (NHpPD) for those patients become 12 hours over 24 hours.
    THS not agreeable to this request as this sits outside of the benchmarking business rules, however it is anticipated that the inclusion of the new CNC FTE as detailed above will assist in managing the ward acuity in this regard.
  5. Emergency admissions are reviewed with transfers from Holman clinic included in this data
    THS not agreeable to this request as this sits outside of the benchmarking business rules. The ANMF will consider alternative options for resolving this point for 5D members which may include and inclusion of a claim around an amendment to the business rules in the next round of EA negotiations.
  6. ND staffing is increased to 5 nurses 7 days a week so as the staffing is commensurate with the current workload and acuity
    The THS have proposed that with the increase in FTE via the new benchmarking eCalculator that ND can now be staffed at 5 nurses 7 days a week.
  7. CNC hours are increased to provide clinical nurse consultancy support 7 days a week
    As per above this has been agreed to.
  8. A clinical coach is introduced for the AM and PM shifts 7 days a week.
    The THS have not agreed to this as a solution out of the Step 2 Specialist Panel process. However, the ANMF will continue to pursue this at a State-wide level as a part of the current industrial action and offer from the Government around recruitment and retention strategies, of which clinical coaches are still on the table. Further update on clinical Coaches will follow.

The ANMF will now schedule a meeting with 5D members to discuss the above proposed solutions. This meeting is currently scheduled for Friday 26 August at 1400 hours. Meeting notice to follow shortly.

Read the PDF version here.

Updates correct as at 22 August 2022.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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