Public Sector Updates – South

Royal Hobart Hospital

Emergency Department (ED)

The ANMF conducted a member meeting in RHH Emergency Department on Friday 2 September 2022. This was well attended (approximately 20 members) and the discussions were roust and productive. Several key themes have been identified from this, which have been compiled and sent to local management for consideration in the first. Furthermore, the ANMF has a scheduled feedback meeting this Friday 16 September 2022 at which it is anticipated all major concerns will be canvassed. Finally, the ANMF ventures to write formally to senior management in order to attain a written response to aid in planning for any/all future actions. The ANMF wishes to reassure members that their urgency regarding the dire clinical concerns within the department have been noted and will be progressed as fast as practicable.

Cardiac Cath Lab (CCL)

The ANMF, on Wednesday 7 September 2022, attended a meeting with senior Tasmanian Health Service (THS) management outlining planned expansion to the existing establishment in line with the progressive increase in work in terms of numbers and acuity. The ANMF has pledged to review all materials and respond to the THS with a compilation of outstanding concerns and questions by COB Wednesday 14 September 2022. Following THS’s in-turn reply, the ANMF will arrange to meet with members to present all information and seek their endorsement and/or suggested amendments to the changes. All members are welcome to forward any interim feedback via our Member Support Team:

Post Anaesthetic Recovery Unit (PARU)

The ANMF has been made aware of concerns held by multiple members regarding the ongoing operationalisation of the Close Observation After Surgery (COAS) protocol within PARU, and apparent adaptations being made without consultation. The ANMF has drafted a formal letter on this subject which will be sent as soon as practicable. Upon receipt of a formal response, members will be provided both pieces of correspondence for consideration, with a subsequent member meeting to be held thereafter for canvassing of all stakeholder feedback.

Aged Services Team (AST)

The ANMF has written to local management regarding the AST and work identified in late 2021 that an urgent review of the service (most notably a perceived need for drastic increase to the establishment) was warranted. Having received an update, this information will be provided to delegates and key members in the first for consultation prior to any further actions being pursued. The ANMF remains committed to progressing this overdue work. All member feedback on this topic is welcomed via our Member Support Team:

Updates correct as at 14 September 2022.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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