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Southern Cross Care Tasmania (SCCT) – Household Model of Care

Southern Cross Care Tasmania’s (SCCT) desire to fast track this change has been halted by the ANMF, bringing the matter to the attention of the Fair Work Commission. The latest meeting with the Fair Work Commission on Thursday 12 January 2023, has resulted in SCCT being required to undertake further consultation with families, residents, and staff. SCCT are required to share the findings from any consultation in meetings with the ANMF. This back to front approach by SCCT has pushed back the planned changes even further to a decision about implementation of the model to Monday 27 February 2023. The Fair Work Commission have offered to hold further conciliation meetings as requested by the ANMF.

In the reduction in Enrolled Nurses (ENs) on site, ANMF Registered Nurse (RN) and Care Worker members are reporting changes to their roles and workloads. The ANMF request that these matters be reported through your internal reporting systems and to your line managers. In the absence of any response please send the evidence through to your ANMF Organiser or to the ANMF Member Support Team via email at, so we can follow up on your behalf.

Changes to leadership at Southern Cross Care Tasmania

Members report a further loss of clinical leadership in a SCCT site over the past 2 weeks.

Lack of Clinical Leadership

The ANMF still encourage members to feedback issues related to absence or instability of leadership in SCCT sites. Use internal SCCT reporting systems, and escalate to next level management if you can, to highlight the impact on your workload and morale. Notify the ANMF if you are unable to get a response from your internal systems, and managers.


Calvary Riverside

The ANMF has been contacted by members at Calvary Riverside enquiring about a COVID-19 policy/payment following an outbreak at the facility. The ANMF has written to the Facility Manager (FM) asking for clarity around this payment but at the time of writing has not received a response.

Aged Care Services North

ANMF Northern Organiser, Nicki Hood will commence visiting members in the aged care sector in the coming weeks, keep an eye out for flyers announcing her arrival. Please come to the meetings if you are around to say hello, and let Nicki know if you have any concerns at your workplace.

North West

Meercroft Home for the Aged

The ANMF met with members on Monday 16 January 2023 regarding mandatory training. The professional and industrial implications for nurses regarding the online training system currently used was discussed at a meeting on Tuesday 24 January 2023. Members will be informed via a ANMF Newsflash of the outcomes.

Baptcare Karingal

The ANMF met with members this week to discuss the changes in duties for care staff members, who are now required to deliver and collect meals for residents.


Respect Freemasons Home

The ANMF has met with members and taken feedback from those impacted by the roster change issue. Respect Aged Care have delayed implementation, presented several specimen rosters, and taken on feedback from members with rostering concerns. A final version roster will be released in early February. Please contact the ANMF if you have any rostering or workplace concerns at

Updates correct as at 25 January 2023.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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