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Calvary Health Care Tasmania Hospitals

The ANMF understands that workload grievances continue at Calvary Health Care Tasmania (CHCT). The ANMF took members workload concerns to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) on Wednesday 15 March 2023. The Commissioner will hold the matter open but reiterated that workload concerns need to be recent noting that CHCT stated 15 workload concerns were submitted in the months between December 2022 and February 2023. The ANMF acknowledges members are fatigued and frustrated about submitting reports workload forms that the employer seems to pay little attention to. The ANMF wish to highlight to members that submitting workload forms is crucial to obtaining evidence and assistance from the FWC.

Updates correct as at 23 March 2023.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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