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May Shaw Health Centre (Scottsdale and Swansea)
May Shaw has indicated that their final offer is on the table. A member meeting is scheduled for Swansea members on Monday 19 June 2023 at 1100hrs to discuss the offer. Please see the latest Enterprise Agreement (EA) update for details.

Calvary Health Care Tasmania
The next bargaining meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 20 June 2023.

Regis Aged Care
Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiation meetings have been cancelled, twice, by the employer. The ANMF understands that Regis executives have been in the workplace telling staff they will lose their entitlements if an agreement is not reached. This is NOT correct. The current agreement will remain in place until a new one is negotiated. The ANMF will continue to negotiate for a fair deal. The ANMF encourages members to seek advice from the ANMF Member Support Team via email at if you are asked by Regis to sign a new contract of employment to ensure you are not worse off.

Respect Aged Care
The ANMF is meeting with members to endorse the Log of Claims for a replacement EA.

Calvary Lenah Valley and St John’s Hospitals
The next Enterprise Agreement (EA) meeting is rescheduled for Tuesday 20 June 2023. The ANMF has been holding member meetings at Lenah Valley and St John’s Hospitals this week to ask members for feedback on the offer.

The ANMF has also sent out a survey for members to complete regarding a Protected Action Ballot. See below for links to the survey and the latest Calvary offer.

PAB Survey.

EA Update 10 (latest offer).

If you were unable to attend a meeting but would like to give feedback on the offer, please contact Southern Organiser Jane Pond via email at

Hobart Day Surgery
The ANMF is meeting with members to discuss the amended Log of Claims (LoC).

South Eastern Community Care
The agreement was made when a majority of employees who voted approved the agreement. The employer will now lodge the agreement in the Fair Work Commission for approval.

Aged Care Deloraine
ANMF members have updated their Log of Claims (LoC) for a replacement Enterprise Agreement (EA).

Eskleigh Foundation
The ANMF is awaiting the employers revised draft agreement.

Calvary Aged Care
The employer has postponed the meeting scheduled for today (Thursday 15 June 2023).

Tandara Lodge
The ANMF has been made aware that the employer has issued employees with a Notice of Representational Rights (a NERR) for the purposes of commencing negotiations for a new EA.

Launceston Church Grammar School
The Agreement has been lodged with the Fair Work Commission (FWC) and the ANMF have submitted paperwork in support of the Agreement.

The ANMF has sent the endorsed Log of Claims (LoC) to the employer.

Emmerton Park
The ANMF is preparing a LoC for a replacement Enterprise Agreement (EA).

Melaleuca Home for the Aged
The next bargaining meeting will be held on Tuesday 20 June 2023.

Updates correct as at 14 June 2023.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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