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Calvary Health Care Tasmania

The ANMF met with members who indicated that unsafe workload concerns remain, and that the final wage offer from Calvary is not adequate to address cost of living pressures. Nor will the offer attract and retain the skilled nurses required to mitigate experienced staff who are leaving Calvary due to poor working conditions. Staff have grave concerns that the services offered by Calvary do not meet the gold standards expected from their patients. View the latest EA update. 

It is vitally important ALL MEMBERS respond to the survey that came in this update. Without full support from members, we cannot push for a better employment offer. Members are encouraged to contact ANMF Northern Organiser Nicki Hood via email at or Southern Organiser Jane Pond at if you have any concerns you want to raise.


May Shaw Scottsdale

At the last negotiation meeting May Shaw has reiterated the offer now tabled is the very best May Shaw can offer and therefore they seek endorsement from members. ANMF Northern Organiser Nicki Hood was onsite on Thursday 15th June 2023 to seek feedback from members. View the latest EA Update. If you have any comments you would like to pass onto Nicki, please email The next negotiation meeting has not been scheduled.

North West

North West Private Hospital (NWPH) Huon Ward

ANMF officials will attend a series of meetings with regards to the transition from NWPH to public sector Maternity Services in the coming week. If members require ANMF representation at individual meetings please contact our ANMF Member Support Team via email at to arrange a time.


Calvary Lenah Valley and St John’s Hospitals

Member meetings were held recently where members, like their Northern Colleagues, voiced their disappointment with the current offer from Calvary. The ANMF are willing to hold member meetings for individual wards/units if the dining rooms are difficult to access. If you would like a meeting on your unit/ward, or more information on the EA process and offer, please contact ANMF Southern Organiser Jane Pond via email at

May Shaw Swansea

A member meeting was held on Wednesday 21 June 2023 to gather feedback from the latest offer from the employer. Members indicated they are not happy with the present wage offer.

Updates correct as at 28 June 2023.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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