Public Sector Updates – North West

Mersey Community Hospital (MCH)

Emergency Department (ED)

The ANMF met with members at the MCH ED and THS management to discuss progress of the “matrix” document that is designed to support clinical decision making with regards to safe staffing. Over the coming weeks feedback is being sought as the document is trialled.

North West Renal Unit

On Monday 26 June 2023, the ANMF met with members at the North West Renal Unit to discuss the response from the THS, and to seek members direction for moving forward with the Step 1 Grievance. The grievance remains unresolved and has now been formally referred to a Step 2 Panel. Members will be kept informed of its progress.

ComRRS, Hellyer and Mersey Leven Community Nursing

The ANMF attended a series of meetings with Hellyer community nurses, Mersey Leven community nurses and ComRRs members to discuss the Change Proposal. A response from Primary Health Services management has not yet been received. Members will be informed of progress via email and follow up meetings.

Updates correct as at 26 July 2023.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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