Public Sector Updates – South

Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH)

Department of Critical Care Medicine (DCCM)

The ANMF attended a Nursing Hours per Patient Day (NHpPD) benchmarking meeting on Monday 14 August 2023, where the Tasmanian Health Service (THS) presented their proposed benchmarking outcomes for the unit. This benchmarking draft was presented to members at a meeting conducted within DCCM on Monday 21 August 2023. Members raised several concerns with the THS’s proposal, and the ANMF has noted and committed to progress via the appropriate methods and forums. New information and developments will be communicated to members via a newsflash update or further member meetings.

Paediatrics/Adolescents – Ward K6

The ANMF has scheduled a member meeting on ward K6 for Friday 25 August 2023, to discuss proposed benchmarking outcomes tabled by the THS at a meeting that was held on Monday 7 August 2023. This meeting will be held in split-shifts (1345-1415hrs and 1445-1530hrs) in order to allow as many members as possible to attend.

Emergency Department (ED)

The ANMF will hold a member meeting in the Emergency Department today (Thursday 24 August 2023) at 1400hrs. This meeting has been requested to discuss operational concerns as well as perceived ongoing discrepancies relating to payroll. All members and prospective members are welcome.

Trauma and Acute Surgical Unit (TASU) – Ward 6A

The ANMF has been in receipt of a Change Proposal regarding instigation of a 3-bed Close Observation Unit within ward 6A. This Proposal has been distributed to members via a newsflash and the deadline for feedback has been extended to close of business (COB) today (Thursday 24 August 2023). Members are encouraged to submit any feedback to the ANMF Member Support Team via email at

Updates correct as at 23 August 2023.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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