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EA Updates

Calvary Health Care Tasmania
The ANMF has been informed of a Fair Work Commission (FWC) hearing on Friday 9 February 2024, where clauses pertaining to forcing employees to take Annual Leave over shut down periods will be disputed. Once these matters have been settled the ANMF is hopeful the Enterprise Agreement (EA) will be registered. The ANMF will be notified when the EA is approved by the FWC and will send out communication to members when this happens. Members should be receiving any back pay due, once the Agreement comes into effect.

Family Planning Tasmania (FPT)
Negotiations have now concluded. The employer will issue the full Agreement to employees and the ANMF for review. Once the ANMF has received this, we will be in a position to offer instructions to members about the offer.

Negotiations will commence shortly for a replacement EA. Members are asked to complete the Log of Claims (LoC) survey with Northern Organiser Nicki Hood due to visit your workplace next week to discuss the LoC. The ANMF is committed to ensuring that members industrial entitlements are upheld. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates.

Regis Aged Care
The ANMF attended a member meeting on Wednesday 7 February 2024 to discuss the EA after it was voted down by members. Members have discussed what they want to progress the Agreement further. This will be communicated back to Regis.

Hobart Day Surgery
A meeting for the Enterprise Agreement (EA) took place on Tuesday 6 February 2024. The Employer had committed to provide a proposal regarding wages and allowances during this meeting. However, due to the recent appointment of a new Chief Financial Officer, this presentation will be delayed until the subsequent meeting, scheduled for Monday 19 February 2024. Additionally, there will be clarification on certain points raised by the ANMF during this upcoming session.

The ANMF and Corumbene have continued to discuss points in the draft EA. Feedback from members at meetings has been passed onto Corumbene. The ANMF will notify members of any updates to the Agreement going out to vote.

Calvary Community Care
It appears the negotiation for a new EA has stalled, the ANMF will reach out to Calvary lead negotiators to restart the bargaining. Once the ANMF receives notice we will circulate a Newsflash to members.

Tandara Lodge
The ANMF met with your employer on Monday 5 February 2024 and with members on Tuesday 6 February 2024 to discuss the EA offer. Members’ feedback will be provided to your employer. ANMF officials will be onsite over the next few weeks, keep an eye on your email inbox for details.

Updates are correct as of 7 February 2024.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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