Public Sector Updates – South

Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH)

Paediatrics – Ward K6

The ANMF has been in receipt of correspondence from Tasmanian Health Service (THS) management addressing raised concerns with proposed benchmarking outcomes associated with Paediatric and Adolescent Services, Ward K6. This information is to be presented to members for their consideration via a separate newsflash communication, with a member meeting to be scheduled in the near future. At this meeting a vote will be undertaken as to whether to accept the proposed outcomes related to the THS feedback. Meeting details will be circulated via separate flyer once confirmed.

Department of Critical Care Medicine (DCCM)

The ANMF has attended a meeting with THS management to address outstanding concerns relating to proposed benchmarking outcomes for DCCM relative to the prospective increase in service size to 18 ICU-level beds. DCCM have committed to incorporating their feedback into a written response, which will be presented to members for their consideration via a separate newsflash. Subsequently, a member meeting will be conducted for the purpose of a vote as to whether benchmarking should be accepted, or otherwise. Meeting details will be circulated via a separate flyer once confirmed.

General Medicine

On Tuesday 23 January 2024, the ANMF attended a Step Two Grievance Specialist Panel meeting with various THS stakeholders. This meeting was convened to discuss the ongoing workload and staffing pressures within Ward K10 East as well as prospective interim and long-term solutions.

As an outcome, it has been agreed that the THS will draft a comprehensive letter to the ANMF and its members (with a due date of Thursday 8 February 2024) advising of any/all actions being undertaken to address the raised concerns, with this letter to be circulated upon receipt to all members for their consideration.

A subsequent member meeting will be arranged for 1-2 weeks after distribution of this letter at which the ANMF will seek to collate all feedback from members and conduct a vote as to whether this Grievance might be dropped, or alternately escalated to a Step 3 Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TIC) hearing.

The THS’ letter, as well as advice regarding the date and time of a member meeting to follow via a separate newsflash communication.

Updates are correct as of 7 February 2024.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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