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EA Updates

Tasmania Aboriginal Centre
The ANMF sent an internal survey to members requesting feedback to form a Log of Claims (LoC) for the anticipated start of negotiations for a replacement Enterprise Agreement (EA). Once the data is collected member meetings will be held to ask for endorsement from members in the coming weeks.

RedCross Lifeblood
The new Agreement “Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Donor Centre and Clinical Enterprise Agreement 2023” has been signed off at Fair Work. It can be accessed on the Fair Work website or on the ANMF website. Your Employer should also give you access to the Agreement.

Family Planning Tasmania
Bargaining has reached a stalemate, as such the employer has indicated the proposed offer will be present to employees to vote upon. The ANMF anticipates the period of access will occur around mid-March. Once the employer announces the voting process the ANMF will be in touch with its members.

I-Med Radiology
The bargaining process has been a very protracted process following I-Med Radiology announcement they intended to combine 3 separate agreements into one covering the whole of the nation. ANMF Tas Branch has been at the bargaining table from the beginning. We are waiting for I-Med to table their full offer so we can present the offer to our members seeking their feedback. The ANMF will contact members when the full offer has been presented for consideration.

OneCare Statewide
The ANMF met with your employer on Wednesday 28 February 2024 to commence the bargaining process for your enterprise agreements. Bargaining meetings will reconvene in late April 2024. View the latest newsflash.

Calvary Health Care Tasmania
The new Agreement is with Fair Work to be signed off and the ANMF will be informed when this has occurred. Once it is signed off and available on the Fair Work website, members can expect to have their backpay paid by Calvary. View EA Update 22.

Hobart Day Surgery
An Enterprise Agreement (EA) meeting was held on Monday 26 February 2024. The employer presented a wages and allowances offer at the meeting. The ANMF has held a meeting to discuss the offer with members. The next EA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 12 March 2024.

Salvation Army Barrington Lodge
The ANMF met with members to discuss the Log of Claims (LoC), which was endorsed by members at this meeting. The first EA meeting was held on Tuesday 6 March 2024 where the LoC was presented to the employer. The ANMF will send out communications to members regarding the EA negotiations.

Corumbene Nursing Home
Corumbene has reopened the access period and voting for the general agreement. The voting period is from Monday 11 March 2024 – Monday 25 March 2024. The nurses’ agreement has also been sent out for the access period with the voting from Monday 11 March 2024 – Monday 25 March 2024. The ANMF encourage all members to read the Agreement carefully and vote accordingly. Please see latest EA update 8. 

Aged Care Deloraine
Negotiations for a replacement Enterprise Agreement (EA) have occurred with a draft offer presented to the ANMF. Member meetings will be held this week seeking member feedback on the offer.

Baptcare Karingal

The ANMF attended a further meeting with your employer on Wednesday 28 February 2024 to review the current Enterprise Agreement (EA). The ANMF is committed to ensuring that current entitlements are protected as per your endorsed Log of Claims (LoCs). View the latest update.

Updates are correct as of 7 March 2024.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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