Petition – Payroll Vote of No Confidence

Enough is enough. You deserve to be paid correctly AND ON TIME!

We come to you today with a sense of frustration and urgency that cannot be ignored. For far too long, we have endured the insufferable shortcomings of the payroll and human resources processes within the Tasmanian Health Service (THS). We’ve had enough of the errors, the delays, and the countless instances where your hard-earned salaries are either incorrect or, worse yet, non-existent!

It has come to our attention that a significant number of our members have been enduring a myriad of discrepancies in their salary payments. Instances of incorrect pay amounts, undue delays in salary processing, and, distressingly, some members not receiving their rightful salaries at all, have been distressingly common.

The ANMF is diligently engaged in ongoing dialogue with affected members to comprehend the full extent of their hardships. Furthermore, we have sought to address these concerns through discussions with THS management. Regrettably, despite our efforts, the recurring nature of these issues and the apparent lack of expedient and effective resolution have severely eroded the trust and confidence members once had in the payroll and human resources department.

In light of the gravity of these circumstances and the detrimental impact on the well-being of our members, the ANMF is compelled to express a vote of no confidence in the current state of the payroll and human resources functions at the Tasmanian Health Service. It is our sincere hope that this petition serves as a catalyst for urgent and comprehensive action to rectify these profound deficiencies.

We, therefore, urgently request the following actions to be taken by THS Payroll and this will be articulated in a letter to be sent by the ANMF:

1. Members are to be promptly paid correctly, with any identified issues rectified within 48 hours of notification.

2. No member should suffer the undue hardship of being without their normal pay; overtime is to be promptly paid to all affected members until such time as they receive their correct salary, with these urgent issues to be rectified within 24 hours via a one-off payment.

3. Conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the root causes of the payroll and human resources errors.

4. Implement immediate measures to correct all outstanding payroll discrepancies.

5. Establish a clear and effective communication channel to keep affected members informed of the steps being undertaken to address their concerns. We propose the provision of direct contact details for payroll and human resources personnel in each region for urgent matters.

6. Review and enhance the payroll and human resources processes to prevent the recurrence of similar issues in the future, including the implementation of a robust audit mechanism.

If you support the above, we urge you, our fellow members, to join us in signing this petition. Let us make it clear that we will not rest until our voices are heard, and our concerns addressed.

In solidarity.

To date, we have received 854 signatures with our next goal being 1,000. Thanks to your support this petition has a chance at winning! We only need 146 more signatures to reach 1,000 – can you help?

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