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What a membership offers

ANMF members receive expert professional and industrial advice and assistance on work related matters. These include conditions of employment, wages, and workplace health and safety. Services also include face-to-face representations and case management.

ANMF membership includes Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) and legal referral. PII protects you against claims for loss, injury or damage to a third party arising from an act, error or omission in performing your professional services. It is mandatory for nurses and midwives to have PII, however, it is also recommended for anyone who provides direct care.

The collective strength and power of our members enables ANMF to strongly negotiate for and with our members to promote, improve and protect your working conditions. Enterprise Agreements are negotiated in your workplace to agree on the terms, wages and conditions that you are entitled to.

As a member, you can read our online publications including Infusion and ANMJ, get in touch with the ANMF Member Support Team, check-out our extensive member extras, access exclusive industry health insurance, and save with discounted CPD and learning opportunities.

The ANMF along with our Health Education and Research Centre (HERC) provide nurses, midwives and care workers with access to quality education and continuing professional development both online and face to face via workshops and conferences.