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Enterprise Agreement Updates: Private & Aged Care Sectors

May 30th, 2024|

EA Updates We are frequently updating information regarding enterprise agreements from private and aged care sites across Tasmania so our members can stay informed. Family Planning Tasmania The ANMF wishes to advise members that the Family Planning Tasmania Enterprise Agreement 2023 has been approved by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). [...]

Aged Care Updates – Statewide

May 29th, 2024|

Aged Care Updates - Statewide Statewide Changes to Mandated Care Minutes Enrolled Nurses have a role in Aged Care! The ANMF is relieved to hear the Department of Health and Aged Care has listened to the ANMF, who have been actively engaging in consultation with the Department around the roles of enrolled nurses in the aged care sector. [...]

Public Sector Updates – South

May 29th, 2024|

Public Sector Updates - South Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) Ward 6A Trauma and Acute Surgical Unit The ANMF attended a benchmarking meeting on Tuesday 14 May 2024. At this meeting proposed changes were discussed as a result of the changing complexity of Trauma and Acute Surgical Unit (TASU), providing specialty care for trauma and emergency surgical patients. Emergency [...]

Public Sector Updates – North

May 29th, 2024|

Public Sector Updates - North Launceston General Hospital (LGH) Ward 6D Benchmarking In light of these ongoing issues, members authorised the ANMF to progress the grievance to Step 3 and make an application to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TIC). Then in relation to benchmarking, members believe it would also be advantageous to reconvene the Ward 6D benchmarking process. Focusing [...]

Public Sector Updates – Statewide

May 29th, 2024|

Public Sector Updates - Statewide Seeking Implementation of Associate Nurse Unit Managers (NUM) in District Hospitals The ANMF is taking a significant step forward in advocating for your rights and equitable working conditions. We have raised a dispute in accordance with the Nurses and Midwives (Tasmanian State Service) Agreement 2023, specifically focusing on Section 16: Associate Nurse Unit Managers [...]

Private Sector Updates – Statewide

May 29th, 2024|

Private Sector Updates - Statewide Australian Red Cross Lifeblood The ANMF has been contacted by members regarding Lifeblood’s Registered Nurse Indirect Supervision-Contingency Model of Operation for situations when a Registered Nurse (RN) cannot be sourced for a session. This contingency plan was implemented recently in the Hobart Centre. This is a change in service as previously Lifeblood’s policy [...]

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