Aged Care: statewide updates


Medea Park

Management at Medea Park have requested a video conference with ANMF to discuss and resolve discrepancies in the draft Agreement that has been provided for ballot. This meeting is scheduled for mid May at which time further updates will be communicated to members via email.

Respect Eliza Purton Home and Coroneagh Park

The ANMF continue to work closely with members, managers and ANMF Workplace Representatives at Respect Eliza Purton Home and Conoeagh Park as the COVID-19 situation develops. Requests for advise and support have centred largely on PPE, education and leave entitlements related to COVID-19. Members can read the latest newsflash from the ANMF here.

In addition to the above concerns, the ANMF have been contacted by members from Eliza Purton Home raising concerns regarding work health and safety issues. We have notified Respect management of these concerns. Following the receipt of a response, the ANMF will schedule a meeting with members to review the document and discuss actions moving forward. In the meantime, members can read the latest newsflash regarding Eliza Purton Home here.

Melaleuca Home

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop in the north west, the ANMF have been in frequent contact with members, Workplace Representatives and managers at Melaleuca Home to ensure that staff are informed and supported. Members have raised a number of concerns relating to PPE and COVID-19 leave entitlements and we will continue to work with them on this and other matters.

Updates correct as at 29 April 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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