Newsflash: Royal Hobart Hospital – First of 5 Statewide Strike Actions Planned

Having, since January this year, spent time in the Tasmanian Industrial Commission to seek outcomes on behalf of members, the Tasmanian Government via the Tasmanian Health Service (THS), have refused to commit to anything remotely tangible that will fix the concerns held by members. Therefore, in line with the direction of members staged plan of industrial action the ANMF has scheduled the below Strike Action (spend 15 minutes to show the Premier you are concerned about workloads and patient safety).

27 July 2022 at 1330, Campbell Street, outside K Block

Members should be well frustrated that their concerns, put via respectful, professional, member focused and a patient safety advocacy position, have fallen on deaf ears. The Government is taking the nursing profession to an untenable place that will have significant detrimental patient safety outcomes for years to come. Whatever the reason it is completely unacceptable, and the current state of the public health system and the nursing workforce is at breaking point.

ANMF members walking off the job for Strike Action will do so as a part of notified industrial action. The Government will be notified in advance and have a significant period time to develop a workforce plan for the period of the Strike Action. Members not working on the day are encouraged to attend and are also encouraged to bring their family and friends.

The ANMF understands that the removal of your labour for this action, in the absence of the Government developing an appropriate workforce plan for the Strike Action days, will place pressure on the system. The Government needs to understand that this is a burden nurses share every single day with no relief in sight and this will continue if the Government doesn’t take steps to address the workforce and workload concerns raised by ANMF members.

To brief members on the Strike Action the ANMF will be scheduling a Zoom meeting in the lead up to the Strike Action, a newsflash with details of this meeting will follow shortly.

Masks will be required to be worn at all Strike Action events.

Read the full update here

Updates correct as at 15 July 2022.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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