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Southern Cross Care Tasmania (SCCT)

Enrolled Nurse Redundancy Proposal Update

After filing further consultation and work intensification disputes in the Fair Work Commission (FWC), the ANMF attended a conference with the FWC yesterday. Read the full update.

Changing Workloads of Registered Nurses (RNs) and Extended Care Assistants (ECAs)

In the absence of Enrolled Nurses (ENs), ANMF RN and ECA members are reporting changes to roles and workloads. The ANMF request that these matters be reported through your internal reporting systems and to your line managers. In addition, please send the evidence through to ANMF Organisers or to our Member Support Team via email at, so we can follow up on your behalf.

Changes to Leadership

Members report changes to leadership being a key issue interfering with SCCT’s ability to progress their change consultation, as senior managers scramble to micromanage situations involving the preventable loss of management from Yaraandoo, as well as surprise visits from the FWC. The situation has resulted in two more senior managers resigning from SCCT.

Lack of Clinical Leadership

The ANMF encourage members to provide feedback to issues related to absence or instability of leadership, including people management at SCCT sites. Use internal SCCT reporting systems, and escalate to next level management, including People and Culture (P&C) managers, if you can, to highlight the impact on your workload and morale. Notify the ANMF if you are unable to get a response from your internal systems and managers.

North West

Baptcare Karingal

ANMF Officials and a representative have met with Baptcare Karingal management to begin negotiations for their Enterprise Agreement (EA). Not all employees were represented, therefore the ANMF used the scheduled time to seek outcomes to the workload concerns previously raised. Members will be kept informed of outcomes via a newsflash. Read the latest update.


Respect Freemasons

A new nursing roster has commenced. Please reach out to Freemasons/Respect management, or the ANMF, if you are having any problems with your new shifts.

Updates correct as at 8 March 2023.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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