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Update: Member Meeting 31 October 2018 ANMF held a member meeting at Glenview recently for an Enterprise Agreement (EA) update, and to provide a toolbox education session on the [...]


OneCare Rubicon Grove


Update: Member Meeting 17 October 2018 A members’ meeting was held on Tuesday 2 October to discuss the revised Enterprise Agreement offer. Members took the opportunity to discuss the [...]

OneCare Rubicon Grove2018-10-17T13:35:08+11:00

OneCare Umina Park


Update: Member Meeting 17 October 2018 A members’ meeting was held on Wednesday 3 October to discuss the revised Enterprise Agreement offer. Feedback was provided about the offer with [...]

OneCare Umina Park2018-10-17T13:33:03+11:00

Aged Care Rep Meetings


Update: Bi-Monthly Meetings 17 October 2018 ANMF are commencing bi-monthly meetings with Representatives working in Aged Care, to enable brainstorming and discussion around current issues. It is also an [...]

Aged Care Rep Meetings2018-10-17T13:25:28+11:00

Education Tool Boxes


Update: Member meeting sessions 17 October 2018 ANMF will be commencing short toolbox education sessions at member meetings at residential aged care facilities in the southern region. The first [...]

Education Tool Boxes2018-10-17T13:21:40+11:00

Aged Care Campaign


Update: Information/Pop-Up Stalls 17 October 2018 ANMF continue to hold information/pop up stalls in local shopping centres. Our next stalls will be held at: SORELL PLAZA – 14 November 2018, [...]

Aged Care Campaign2018-10-17T13:17:38+11:00

Southern Cross Care Tasmania – Mary’s Grange


Update: Member Meeting 17 October 2018 ANMF held a member meeting on Wednesday 10 October. Members advise that compulsory training has been arranged by the employer “Respect in the Workplace’. [...]

Southern Cross Care Tasmania – Mary’s Grange2018-10-17T13:13:11+11:00

Southern Cross Care Tasmania – Rosary Gardens


Update: Compulsory Training 17 October 2018 ANMF have been contacted by members advising of compulsory training ‘Respect in the Workplace’ which has been organised by the employer. Staff were [...]

Southern Cross Care Tasmania – Rosary Gardens2018-10-17T13:29:50+11:00

Menarock – The Gardens


Update: Member Meeting 17 October 2018 ANMF held a member meeting on Wednesday 10 October. Members report an improvement in conditions at the facility. Two Executives from the Menarock [...]

Menarock – The Gardens2018-10-17T12:43:37+11:00

Hobart Clinic


Update: EBA Update 17 October 2018 A member meeting will be taking place tomorrow – 18 October to provide members with an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) update.

Hobart Clinic2018-10-17T12:01:35+11:00

Eskleigh Nurses Agreement


Update: Response from Eskleigh Management 17 October 2018 ANMF have received a response from Eskleigh management regarding matters discussed at the first bargaining meeting held on 29 August. ANMF [...]

Eskleigh Nurses Agreement2018-10-17T10:29:56+11:00



Update: ACSAG/Japara bargaining position 17 October 2018 ANMF members at Riverside and Sandhill on Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 October met to discuss the ACSAG/Japara bargaining position. Members’ have [...]


Masonic Care Tasmania


Update: Meetings 17 October 2018 ANMF is meeting with members across the state on 15, 16 and 17 October. ANMF will seek direction from members regarding the Masonic Care [...]

Masonic Care Tasmania2018-10-17T10:18:47+11:00

Mental Health Week 2018


“Stronger Together” We would like mark Mental Health Week 2018 and congratulate our members in Mental Health for another dedicated year. This year has not been an easy one, [...]

Mental Health Week 20182018-10-17T09:01:48+11:00

The dire State of Tasmania’s health system


The Re-established Inquiry into Acute Health Care Services in Tasmania 3 October 2018 On the 14th of September the ANMF alongside representatives from across the state, presented to the Re-established [...]

The dire State of Tasmania’s health system2018-10-03T16:22:14+10:00

OneCare Rubicon Grove


Update: Member Meeting 3 October 2018 A members’ meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 2 October to discuss the revised Enterprise Agreement (EA) offer.

OneCare Rubicon Grove2018-10-03T12:53:22+10:00

OneCare Umina Park


Update: Member Meeting 3 October 2018 A members’ meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 3 October to discuss the revised Enterprise Agreement (EA) offer.

OneCare Umina Park2018-10-03T12:50:43+10:00

Emmerton Park


Update: Log of Claims 3 October 2018 The ANMF Log of Claims (LOC) has been considered by the employer with a meeting scheduled to commence negotiations on 26 October.

Emmerton Park2018-10-03T12:47:44+10:00

Glenview (South Aged Care)


Update: Staff Enterprise Agreement 3 October 2018 ANMF were contacted by members regarding their current Enterprise Agreement (EA) for nursing staff, which has not been updated since 2006. Members [...]

Glenview (South Aged Care)2018-10-03T12:29:46+10:00

Organiser Training


Update: ACTU Training 3 October 2018 Organisers Jenna Bowling and Mandy Woodorth have undertaken part two of Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) organiser training. Training was in relation [...]

Organiser Training2018-10-03T12:11:59+10:00

Correctional Primary Health Service


Update: Ongoing matters 3 October 2018 Ongoing matters have been raised with Statewide Mental Health Services. Meetings continue to occur as joint union action is taken to address the [...]

Correctional Primary Health Service2018-10-03T11:34:27+10:00



Update: Member Meeting 3 October 2018 On Wednesday 26 September ACSAG/Japara’s bargaining representative provided a written response to ANMF submissions made at the bargaining meeting held on 17 August [...]


Masonic Care Tasmania


Update: Meetings 3 October 2018 ANMF attended the first negotiation meeting with Masonic Care Tasmania (MCT) on Tuesday 25 September. At the meeting ANMF presented the members Log of [...]

Masonic Care Tasmania2018-10-03T10:51:35+10:00

Calvary North St Luke’s and St Vincent’s


Update: Calvary North St Luke’s and St Vincent’s 20 September 2018 ANMF will continue to meet with members in the lead up to a meeting with management on Wednesday [...]

Calvary North St Luke’s and St Vincent’s2018-09-20T09:52:45+10:00

Calvary 2A Neuro/Surgical Unit


Update: Member Meeting 19 September 2018 Meetings have been held with members and senior management regarding issues raised by nursing staff. A meeting was held between the ANMF and [...]

Calvary 2A Neuro/Surgical Unit2018-09-19T12:52:59+10:00

Respect Aged Care – Wellington Views


Update: Occupancy Levels 19 September 2018 Respect Aged Care have provided ANMF with correspondence regarding a significant change in occupancy levels at their Wellington Views facility at Old Beach. [...]

Respect Aged Care – Wellington Views2018-09-19T11:55:22+10:00

Social Media Protocol


Dos and Dont’s 6 September 2018 Social Media Dos and Don’t’s: Social media isn’t just social- we need to be mindful that our online activity may catch up with [...]

Social Media Protocol2018-09-06T14:09:45+10:00

NMBA Feedback Survey


Online Survey 6 September 2018 Consultations are currently open for the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s proposed endorsement for scheduled medicines for registered nurses prescribing in partnership. We [...]

NMBA Feedback Survey2018-09-07T10:07:35+10:00

Aged Care Workplace Rep Bi-Monthly Meetings


Update: Workplace Reps in Aged Care 6 September 2018 The ANMF are looking at organising bi-monthly meetings with our Workplace Representatives in the Aged Care sector. This is to [...]

Aged Care Workplace Rep Bi-Monthly Meetings2018-09-07T10:00:42+10:00

Member Communication and Engagement – Morning and Afternoon Teas


Update: Morning & Afternoon Teas 22 August 2018 The ANMF are again hosting morning and afternoon teas within aged care facilities state wide on a regular basis. This gives [...]

Member Communication and Engagement – Morning and Afternoon Teas2018-09-05T16:27:44+10:00

Barrington Lodge – The Salvation Army


Update: Enrolled Nursing Staff 22 August 2018 ANMF have received correspondence from management maintaining that they believe they are working within current Tasmanian legislation. ANMF reiterate that enrolled nursing [...]

Barrington Lodge – The Salvation Army2018-09-05T16:29:33+10:00

Regis North


Update: Under payment of wages 22 August 2018 ANMF have had several members call regarding under payment of wages at Regis sites in the North. ANMF have scheduled a [...]

Regis North2018-08-22T14:20:15+10:00

Calvary Community Care


Update: Enterprise Agreement Update 22 August 2018 ANMF met with members at Calvary Community Care Launceston to provide an Enterprise Agreement (EA) update and discuss industrial and profession matters. [...]

Calvary Community Care2018-08-22T14:17:30+10:00

Eskleigh Nurses Enterprise Agreement Negotiations


Update: EA Negotiations 22 August 2018 ANMF have now scheduled the first meeting with Eskleigh management to commence negotiations for a replacement Eskleigh Nurse Enterprise Agreement. This meeting will [...]

Eskleigh Nurses Enterprise Agreement Negotiations2018-08-22T14:13:18+10:00

Eskleigh Change Proposal


Update: Member Meeting 22 August 2018 ANMF meet with members at Eskleigh on Wednesday 29 August to provide advice on the current proposed roster changes for carers which will [...]

Eskleigh Change Proposal2018-08-22T14:09:43+10:00